Factory Unlocking iPhone’s 6+ / 5S / 5 To Switch Carriers AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint

Factory iPhone unlocking allows a cell phone owner to experience full freedom on iPhone usage. The iPhone is one of the most coveted smartphones of our generation. But, it is not without its share of negatives. No, there is nothing wrong with the make or model of the new iPhone 6 or 6 plus. It is the best everything that Apple could pack in one tiny gadget. But, Apple imposes its regular restrictions on this phone too making it quite frustrating for users at times.

factory unlock iPhone 6 plusIf you are using your factory locked Apple iPhone 5S, 5C, or 6 and wish to download an application, you have the App Store as your one and only option. But, what if the application is overpriced at App Store? What if your friend using some other phone has got the exact same application for free? Would you like to still overpay for the application? The answer is obviously in negative. In such cases what you need to do is jailbreak your iPhone 5S. That will give you an access to all the third party applications. You can download them for free or purchase them at a much lower price to use on your iPhone 5S.

Can You Unlock iPhone 6 / 5S / 5?

The other and more frustrating restriction on Apple users is that SIM cards from only official carriers can be used on the phone. So, you cannot use just any SIM card on your Apple iPhone 5S. You are only dependent on the official network carrier. Even if you travel overseas or to some other city in your country you will have to either find the official SIM card in that area or continue using your SIM card at a much higher rate. The only way to break free from this barrier is to unlock iPhone 5S. By unlocking you break the contract with Apple which required you to use the SIM card from official carrier only. You are now free to subscribe to any network carrier of your choice. Travelling abroad or to any place is going to be easier as you will not have to worry about whether or not you will be able to use your iPhone 5S there. And let us come to the most exciting part of unlocking your iPhone 6+. You are going to save a lot of money. The official carriers with Apple are less flexible when it comes to data and call plan options.  But, in today’s world of mobile internet and when 90% of our work can get done on the phone, there is no reason why you should stick to a plan where you are overpaying for your phone usage. You need a plan that is well suited to your needs and budget. You need a plan where you can utilize the plan completely. You need to unlock your iPhone 5S.

Factory Unlocking iPhone Steps

Apple will never encourage unlocking or jailbreaking because they expose the Apple iOS to the hackers and hence are commercially harmful for the company. This is exactly why Apple threatens to null and void the warranty in case you unlock and jailbreak the iPhone. But, you do not have much to worry about if you know the right place to get the job done from. Get your iPhone 5S factory unlocked. Factory unlocking is the most reliable method that is available. Earlier, you would have to software unlock and jailbreak the iPhone. But, all that is not required now. Software unlock is not reliable, safe or easy. Safely removing the network SIM lock is extremely easy and requires providing the IMEI number of your iPhone that you want to use on alternative carriers. It is reliable that simple. Find an unlocking service that factory unlocks iPhone 5S. Provide the IMEI number of your iPhone. They will get it unlocked from Apple’s database in less than 48 hours. Your iPhone will be permanently unlocked in less than 2 days. You will then be able to insert and use any SIM card and use it. You can update the iOS and baseband of your factory locked iPhone 6 any time you wish. You can sync your iPhone 5S using iTunes freely. Your iPhone 5S would not get unlocked as is the case when you unlock using software unlocking solutions. Software unlocking solutions are complicated and unreliable and they are not exactly safe. So, make sure you factory unlock your iPhone 5S only. Factory unlocking takes very little time and is just like purchasing an already unlocked iPhone. The only difference is that you would not have to spend that much money. To get started with factory IMEI unlocking your device, visit the sponsored website on this blog as they are the absolute best company to use.

Get your Freedom with Unlock iPhone 5

Do you feel suffocated with the restrictions that Apple has placed upon iPhone 5 that you have bought from a carrier on a contract and want to get rid of these shackles with the help of Unlock iPhone 5? If the answer to this question is in the affirmative, you are in the company of thousands of other iPhone 5 owners who feel aggrieved by the policies and restrictions of Apple. This is not all as you also feel hurt because of the high call rates charged by your carrier. On top of that, you are asked to pay enormous money in the name of roaming charges when you take your iPhone to a foreign country on a vacation. Thankfully, you can get away from the clutches of the company and the carrier if you opt for a factory unlock of your iPhone 5.

No problem if you know nothing about Unlock iPhone 5

You can still Unlock iPhone 5 if you do not know how to unlock iPhone 5. This is because unlocking involves making changes in the operating system of the device to force it to accept some changes. This is done using software and there is nothing physical in unlocking of your iPhone 5.After unlocking, you are free to make use of SIM card of a carrier that charges lower call rates and also slaps very small roaming charges. This brings monetary benefits to you that are enough to drive you towards iPhone 5 unlocking.

Do you feel you are doing anything wrong when you contemplate jailbreak iPhone 5? If yes, then it is not because this act is unethical or illegal but because Apple has led its customers to think along these lines? Do you feel the same way when you change the use of any other product that you buy from the market? Now that the authorities have declared iPhone 5 unlock as a legal activity if its price has been paid in full, there is no need to feel guilty about it.

Factory unlock iPhone 5 is the safest

Despite the amazing benefits that accrue to the individual after unlocking his iPhone 5, there are still lots of owners who want the procedure to be carried out free of cost on their devices. However, it is better to stay away from all those free tools meant for unlocking being given by websites on the internet. This is because you get no support and guarantee from these companies and left alone if there is a mishap while carrying out their step by step instructions to achieve Unlock iPhone 5.

If you are really interested in unlocking your iPhone 5 to save on your monthly bills and to enjoy freedom in terms of downloads and customization of your device, it is better to pay a small amount of fee to accompany that promises to factory unlock your iPhone 5. You have to send your IMEI number to such a company and it searches your device in the database of Apple to unlock it officially as if you have purchased a factory unlocked phone.

Best Unlock iPhone 5/5S/5C Instructions Anywhere

Unlocking an iPhone 5 is sort of like taking the shackles off of your cellular freedom. While iPhones are indeed mobile, the true mobility of your standard allowed usage of them is not. Different contracts are going to give you different privileges and limitations on the amount of data you can send and receive, and there is never any ability to bridge the gap between the allowances of two different services once your device is already contracted to one; this can be changed by unlocking iPhone 5S.

Unlimited Carrier Versatility

unlock iphoneWhen you unlock iPhone 5S, you allow it to be used with any cellular carrier that you choose. You’re usually stuck with whatever carrier you initially get when you sign the contract with the company at the time of purchase, but with unlocking, you can have whatever carrier you wish. Say, for instance, you buy a phone from somebody else instead of getting it from the store. If their carrier is different from the plan that your first phone had, then you’re basically out of luck. If, however, you unlock the phone, you can then choose whatever carrier you want to use that phone under without having to return the device to its original owner and get an entirely new one through retail. An iPhone also isn’t the only device that can be unlocked with the right technique. iPads and iPod Touches can also be unlocked and have their carrier modified.


Unlocking iPhone 5S allows you to jailbreak it, which releases the full potential of what your device is capable of. Instead of being limited to only some choice capabilities and data allowance, you’re going to be able to access all of the different functions that your phone is capable of with virtually no drawbacks. Essentially, it’s like taking your iPhone and turning it into a miniature computer.

Do it Yourself versus Professional Service

You can very well unlock your iPhone 5S yourself if you do enough homework to get the gist of the process down, but you must be wary that there’s no going back once you begin the process. Unlocking the iPhone is going to involve physically taking the device apart and making modifications to the internal mechanisms that are essentially the phone’s vital organs. If you aren’t absolutely confident in your ability to successfully tinker with your device and come out with a product that is better than when you first began, then it could be a smart move to either get somebody who knows exactly how to dismantle and unlock the phone or to buy one that is already unlocked for you.

Economically Superior

An unlocked iPhone 5C isn’t going to be the same price upfront as a phone that is under contract, but in the long run, it will not cost you nearly as much money. Paying eight dollars a month for a phone under a contact can easily accumulate to a total tag that is far over a thousand dollars; paying a one-time fee of about six hundred dollars for an unlocked iPhone doesn’t really seem all that expensive, then, in comparison. What’s also important to know is that based on all of the access that you’re going to have to applications on your unlocked iPhone that a regular iPhone can’t access, the modification can potentially pay for itself.

Unlimited Capability

at&t unlockingFactory Unlocked iPhones are capable of breaking into the realm of applications that Apple has not made conventionally available on the standard form of iPhones. You’ll be able to emulated certain video games on your unlocked iPhone 5 that normally couldn’t even be downloaded to your regular iPhone’s firmware. You may also be able to use certain legitimate applications for free that normally would cost you real money to download with your Apple account an use on a standard iPhone 5.


There is no need to worry about getting legally apprehended for the use of an unlocked iPhone. The process is about as common as downloading mp3’s from third party sources, and once you’re unlocked, you’re essentially off the grid.


The main thing to consider is that by taking your iPhone’s capability into your own hands, you take its security and welfare into your own hands as well. Be confident that you’ll be able to perform maintenance on your phone or get it serviced without needed to employ the help of an official carrier company before you decide to go through with the unlocking process. Any carrier of cellular data can have an iPhone that is registered under it unlocked at any time. Whether you’re using Verizon, Sprint, AT&T or T-Mobile, you’ll always have the option of breaking into a new world of smartphone capability.

Unlock iPhone 5S/5C: Getting Over The Hurdles

Apple unveiled iPhone 5S and 5C with much fanfare only a few months ago. In between the two new avatars of iPhone, it is the 5S that happens to be the true successor of iPhone 5 while 5C happens to be an iPhone meant primarily for the price conscious people.

As expected, the iPhone 5S was lapped up by the loyal fans of Apple across the world. It is an excellent smartphone loaded with features and functions and its touch ID fingerprint scanner is what seems to be the most exciting feature. However, after just a few months, owners are looking for an unlock iPhone 5S key, and this is quite annoying for the company.

Can You Unlock iPhone 5S/5C?

how to unlock iphone 5s/5cIt may be disappointing and surprising for Apple to get reports of its customers attempting to unlock the iPhone 5S as the company left no stone unturned to please the customers. The best the company could do for the customers was to make the device available at a fraction of its price through chosen carriers on a two year contract. But as has been the case with iPhones all these years, the happiness and euphoria of owning and using a smartphone like an iPhone goes away as soon as customers get their monthly bills.

Not only do they find a high call rate being charged from them, they also find excessive roaming fees applied by the mobile operator for the duration during which they take their phones abroad. This is very frustrating but customers have no choice as these phones do not allow insertion of SIM of any other carrier and they have to continue to pay higher call rates.

Unlock iPhone 5S to use SIM of a Different Operator

This is perhaps the biggest benefit of unlocking iPhone 5S as you get your smartphone converted into a GSM device from the locked device that it is. Ordinarily, the phone disallows insertion of a new SIM and does not work or operate if you force a new SIM card into the phone. This is because it is well known that Apple sells locked phones. This locking is done by giving instructions to the operating system of the phone to stop working when someone tries to insert a SIM other than the one of the carrier that sells the phone. But you can change the behavior of the smartphone when you are unlocking the iPhone 5S using software that gives a new set of commands to the iOS.

If you do not know how to unlock the iPhone 5S, there is no need to feel disappointed as it is only natural and owners of these devices are not expected to be computer geeks. This job is being performed mostly by professionals who do it for money. If you feel you have the basic knowledge of the latest iOS, you can attempt unlocking of your iPhone 5S.

Benefits of Unlocking iPhone 5C/5S

Unlocking is an exercise that has been going on for quite some time now. Apple does not approve of unlocking as it exposes its iOS threadbare in front of the hackers. This is because of its vulnerabilities and also because it favors opening new features of the device in later stages. To prevent its customers from attempting unlock iPhone 5S, Apple has resorted to a threat of cancellation of warranty on the hardware as well as software from its side. This has worked in the case of millions of iPhone owners as they felt that they were doing something illegal and unethical by trying unlocking of their gadgets.

There are many benefits of unlocking and the foremost benefit lies in monetary savings. Unlocking allows you to make use of the SIM card of the carrier of your choice. This carrier charges much less call rates and also applies small roaming charges. All this translates into huge monetary savings for you. However, not all of thousands of customers are looking for unlock iPhone 5C are doing so to save money. They like the idea of unlocking as they become free to download videos, music, images, themes and other software. Unlocking installs a universal downloading app store called Cydia that helps in downloading programs from outside the app store of Apple.

The unlocking procedure also unlocks some new features on the same old gadget and also improves upon the functionalities of the phone. Customization that has been the disappointing aspect of Phones becomes possible after unlocking. Thus you can customize and personalize the home screen with the help of themes and wall papers which are not allowed by Apple in the case of a locked phone.

The following is a step by step guide to jailbreak iPhone 5S that also happens to be the first step towards unlocking. This procedure employs a free tool from the internet for this purpose.

  • Step 1: Go to this website to select the right tool depending upon the baseband of your iPhone
  • Step 2: Download and install the software on the desktop
  • Step 3: Keeping the phone in DFU mode, connect it with your computer through USB port
  • Step 4: Go inside the software and click on Start
  • Step 5: Let the program work for some time and give your details when asked
  • Step 6: Insert the SIM of a new carrier and reboot the phone
  • Step 7: Check if the universal app store Cydia has been installed
  • Step 8: If you can see the signals of the new carrier, your phone has been unlocked

Unlocking Your iPhone with Safety in Mind

The idea to Unlock your iPhone 5C or 5Sis a simple procedure for all those who are aware of the working principle of the iOS. If you are a novice, it is better to take help from the professionals who are well versed with the iOS and unlocking principle. There are many websites doling out free tools for the purpose of iPhone 5S unlocking but it is better to stay away from these tools as you cannot expect any help if you encounter any kind of problem while you are following the guidelines given by the website. Also, you must ensure beforehand that unlock is untethered so that it does not go away when you try upgrading the software in future.

The Basics Of Unlocking an iPhone 5/5S/5C

For all your unlock iPhone 5 needs, you’re going to need to find a company that can perform this service for you properly. They will take you through the process of unlocking your iPhone 5 step by step, using tools that will unlock your iPhone 5 safely and effectively. It’s important to find someone you can trust to do this for you. The worst thing that can happen is that you trust your iPhone 5 to someone who takes your money, wastes your time, and leaves you with a broken iPhone 5.

Thankfully, avoiding this consequence is relatively simple.

iPhone 5 Unlocking Capabilities:
However, before you look for a company to unlock your iPhone 5, it’s important to understand what the process will involve. There are many fantastic benefits to having your iPhone 5 unlocked, and there really aren’t any drawbacks to consider. Understanding everything that goes with the idea will help you to decide whether or not you want to take advantage of the opportunity to unlock iPhone 5.

Once you understand your unlock iphone 5 capabilities, there’s a good chance that you’ll want to take the plunge. Once you learn the ways in which you can benefit from unlocking an iPhone 5, you’re going to be intrigued.

iPhone 5S Unlocking Benefits:
The factory locked iPhone 5 is truly a marvel of technology. This is still one of the most popular devices in the world today. There are still millions of people using the iPhone 5, and the list of features is extraordinary indeed. With an iPhone 5, you can truly do just about anything.

But what would you say to the opportunity to finally have a phone that’s completely free of restrictions and blocks?

unlocking iphone 5 reasonsThis is what it means to have an iPhone 5 unlocked. A regular iPhone 5 has over 700, 000 apps that can potentially be downloaded. With an unlocked version, that number rises even higher. Apple has created a truly revolutionary device, but it is still a device with numerous locks and barriers set firmly in place. Once these restrictions have been removed, you will be free to download and use the long list of programs and apps that would normally not be available to you. An incredible array of functions will suddenly become available to you. In other words, your already-impressive iPhone 5 will become one of the most powerful tools you could ever hope to find anywhere. You can even go so far as to extend the life of your battery, or increase your available memory.

There are financial benefits, too. One of the biggest is that you will no longer be at the mercy of carriers. If you want to switch from provider A to provider B, you won’t have to purchase a new phone. You will be free to choose a provider that may perhaps give you a much better contract, and you’ll never have to worry about having to purchase a brand-new phone. You’ll be able to take your factory locked iPhone 5 with you wherever you choose to go. This is something that regular iPhone 5 users can’t take advantage of. Someone who purchases a factory locked iPhone 5 from a specific provider is bound to that provider. Someone who has a factory IMEI unlocked iPhone 5 can do just about whatever they want. It’s that simple.

Unlock iPhone 5 Negatives:
Benefits aside, you may wonder if there are drawbacks that you need to know. It’s important to learn every aspect of what you’re going to do to your phone, and if there are iPhone 5 unlocking drawbacks, it can be helpful to be aware of them.

You’ll be pleased to know that there are no drawbacks to having your phone unlocked. Unlocking your iPhone 5 frees you from the restrictions placed on a factory locked model. This means you’re free to download programs and apps that would normally not be allowed on your device. What you’re not losing are the protective measures that safeguard your phone from being targeted by breaches to data and security. The world of iPhone unlocking has changed. You get all of the benefits, but none of the risks.

For example, you no longer have to worry about losing tech support and warranty coverage. Once your phone’s iPhone IMEI number has put into Apple’s Unlock Database, you get to enjoy an unlocked phone, but with absolutely no concerns.

With no consequences to keep in mind, it’s easy to see why the vast majority of individuals interested in unlocking their iPhone make the call to do so. The limitless possibilities are just too tempting. Once you’ve experienced the potential and enhanced effectiveness, you’re likely going to wonder how you ever lived without it.

How To Safely Unlock Your Apple iPhone using Factory methods:
Before you decide to unlock iPhone 5, find out how much time is left on the contract you have with your current provider. Being stuck in a long-term contact can make unlocking iPhone 5S a little complicated. Don’t worry, because there are ways to get around this.

Your first option is the obvious one. If there isn’t a lot of time left on your contract, simply wait until the contract expires. You can also opt to pay the early termination fee. In some cases, this can cost a rather hefty chunk of change. But consider the lump total of how much you would have to pay each month on your existing contract, and then consider how much you would pay in the same amount of time, if you were to pay the early termination fee, and then seek out a much cheaper carrier. Getting out of your contract early may cost you a few bucks in the short-term, but the long term may wind up steering you towards some big savings. Ideally, the difference between an expensive 2-year contract and the termination fee/different carrier will be substantial.

There really isn’t any reason not to unlock iPhone 5. Even as you take the downsides under consideration, you still stand to gain entry into a fantastic world of accessibility.